Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dinner and a Movie with a Bass

If I could choose anyone as my date I would pick Ed Westwick known as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Why him you ask because he has the most sexiest accent and he can easily hide it I love that about him. We would go to this little place I like called Corky's its a nice diner where i live and he would love how it feels like your home. I would order the turkey, bacon and avacado croissant and for him I would insist that he get a bacon cheese burger with the fries.

Why Ed, because even though he is on Gossip Girl and plays a womanizer he doesn't seem like the type and that accent is so adorable love it!!!! I want to date him so bad he is just so... you have to see this video of him though who wouldn't want to date him i mean it should be illegal to look that hot and sound even sexier with out the accent pure hotness!!!!!!
Remember he is Chuck Bass

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

vald tod giveaway

Being a teenager is tough but through in being a vampire among humans is even harder for Vlad Tod. He has all of the feelings of a normal teen and still he has a destiny. Will he save the world he has grown up in and complete his destiny.

Check out this cool contest here pertaining to Vlad and check out how his journey began.
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