Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Dinner and a Movie with a Bass

If I could choose anyone as my date I would pick Ed Westwick known as Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl. Why him you ask because he has the most sexiest accent and he can easily hide it I love that about him. We would go to this little place I like called Corky's its a nice diner where i live and he would love how it feels like your home. I would order the turkey, bacon and avacado croissant and for him I would insist that he get a bacon cheese burger with the fries.

Why Ed, because even though he is on Gossip Girl and plays a womanizer he doesn't seem like the type and that accent is so adorable love it!!!! I want to date him so bad he is just so... you have to see this video of him though who wouldn't want to date him i mean it should be illegal to look that hot and sound even sexier with out the accent pure hotness!!!!!!
Remember he is Chuck Bass

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