Sunday, October 3, 2010

Orange County Children's Book Festival

Let me start by saying this event was awesome because the authors who were at the event, their genre differs from the rest and I was able to see different authors and I was able to listen to different stories and I was intrigued. Of course with every event there is the journey there and this time we didn't get lost I attended with some friends andthe drive was easy no getting lost adventure this time. The moment we got there I was pumped and anxious with meeting some of today's hottest authors. As the time went on we were able to go from booth to booth and find the one booth we wanted to get to and it was The Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore because we wanted to grab the books of the authors that were there so we were able to grab and learned all of the authors that were there. After buying my copy of Personal Demons (love the author) by Lisa Desrochers. We ran into Becca Fitzpatrick the wonderful author who wrote hush, hush who I met back when the book came out. We stayed around the booth and saw who was talking one author every 15 minutes speaking of course of the books they wrote.

One of the authors everyone seemed the
most excited for was Lauren Kate. She was a hit and a wonderful person I am forever grateful to have met her today. Even though I haven't read Fallen or the newest one to the series Torment I have heard so many great things I bought Fallen there also I'm happy. She is really nice and the series seems promising stay tuned for my review coming soon.

Through out the day we stood mainly in the YA section of the festival getting excited as every 15 minutes new authors would go up there. Some including Amber Benson who is an actor turned writer she talked about Among the Ghost. Others included Mary Hanlon Stone the author of invisiblegirl. It seems really interesting and I'm looking forward to reading it soon. Also Barbara A. Mahler who wrote The hole in the sky which has won so many awards, this one seems interesting also and there was a plus she gave us butterfly tattoos (score!!!)

The last author we were looking forward to was Lisa and so at 2:15 she came on stage and talked about the book and how she wrote for her daughter and how writing that one time got her to stick with writing and we are all so grateful for her writing.

This is what I did today meet with a bunch of authors got told many times to buy there books and that i should hurry up and read them and of course the never ending book pile is still well never ending until next time.

-silent t aka kaitlyn

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