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Review: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2) by Jeff Kinney

Diary of a Wimpy Kid:Rodrick Rules (Diary of a Wimpy Kid #2)
Author: Jeff Kinney
Publisher: Amulet
Release Date: February 1st 2008
Author Website
Available for Order: Amazon|Barnes and Noble

The highly anticipated sequel to the #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling book! 
Secrets have a way of getting out, especially when a diary is involved. 
Whatever you do, don’t ask Greg Heffley how he spent his summer vacation, because he definitely doesn’t want to talk about it. 
As Greg enters the new school year, he’s eager to put the past three months behind him . . . and one event in particular. 
Unfortunately for Greg, his older brother, Rodrick, knows all about the incident Greg wants to keep under wraps. But secrets have a way of getting out . . . especially when a diary is involved. 
Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Rodrick Rules chronicles Greg’s attempts to navigate the hazards of middle school, impress the girls, steer clear of the school talent show, and most important, keep his secret safe.

My Take:

Greg Heffley is at again but this time he is a year older and of course that means in the 7th grade. Being in  the 7th grade means crushes on girls that looked different last year and of course more being picked on by his brother Rodrick. Because of what happened over the summer Greg had to get a new diary and because of what happened he is making sure this one never leaves his sight. Of course Rowley is here to back him up in the 7th grade, he understands a best friend is always there. Before summer Rowley had to eat this cheese and he got the cheese touch but Greg being friend he is stepped up for him and said he ate the cheese instead. So most of the first day of school had alot of his class mates running away from him.

I enjoyed this one because Rodrick really gets in trouble and it was a long time coming and being the little brother he is made sure Rodrick got what he wanted. We also got more information on Rodrick's band the Loded Diaper which was funny, the ending was funny as well because of what happened at the talent show I don't want to give too much away so you'll have to read it and find out if you want to get a kick.

Greg always knows how to make me laugh and with middle school still going along Greg is going to have many opportunities to make me laugh even more.

5/5 stars

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