Sunday, November 25, 2012

Review: Her Brother, Her Hero by Terry Towers

Her Brother, Her Hero
Author: Terry Towers
Publisher: Soft and Hard Erotic Publishing
Release Date: July 31st 2012
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Source: ebook

Jessie and Jacob haven't liked each other from the day their parents married when they were both teenagers. So five years later when family hero, Marine Jacob Connors, comes home after completing a string of tours overseas, Jessie is less than enthusiastic. However, five years of separation has changed the them and instead of fighting one another, they now find themselves battling over their raging desires for each other.

My Take:

Having a insane crush on your step brother is one thing but with him gone its easier, but when the prodigal brother returns Jessie has to think of ways not to think of Jacob at all. But all it takes is one moment and Jessie is pudding when it comes to his charm and when he says sister it sounds too dirty to be repeated ever again. Jacob never knew Jessie felt the same way as he did and when he returns home she is there and its hard not to want to cross that line. Being with each other is forbidden because both of their parents are married but love hits those who are ready and for Jessie and Jacob they are long over due for being ready.

I liked this little short because even though I see step-sister/ step-brother relationships a taboo its something that is bound to happen. The passion is present and even though they don't see it and try to mask it those feelings only grow with time. I really liked this because it just shows love brings about two unlikely people together and suits them. Loved it.

5/5 Stars

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