Thursday, April 11, 2013

Review: Game for Marriage by Karen Erickson

Game for Marriage (Game For It #1)
Author: Karen Erickson
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Release Date: January  11th 2013
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He’s going in deep to make her his…

Struggling artist Sheridan Harper never imagined she’d spend a sizzling night with Jared Quinn, the smoking-hot star quarterback of her local professional football team, the San Jose Hawks. And she’s even more shocked when Jared’s publicist offers her a proposition: a fake marriage to keep Jared out of the gossip mags. Being that close to Jared would be too tempting, so to protect her heart, she insists on secretly including a clause forbidding sex between them.

Jared just wants to keep his starting QB job and keep it in San Jose. His reputation as a ladies’ man has landed him in the headlines one too many times, but there’s something about his kind, passionate new wife that tempts him beyond reason. Any sort of intimacy between them is completely forbidden, but as their bodies fall in deep, will their hearts follow suit?

My Take:

Even when fame comes with a fortune, it also comes with some drawbacks. Jared Quinn has everything, star on and off the field, but with his latest scandal threatening his career the teams representative comes with the idea of a fake marriage. Struggling to keep the art studio is tough for any artist but for Sheridan Harper losing the last piece she has of her grandmother isn't something she will let go easy. Meeting Jared wasn't in the cards but when a hot guy asks you out of course you go right. The thing is he can't be photographed because another story can be made up. It's not until the night they have that Sheridan has know idea what she was drawn into. With a binding contract for a one year marriage and a clause that can't be broken its hard not to break it. The two get hitched and even though she can't tell anyone, no one would believe her and she needs some help with her studio.

It's not until both Jared and Sheridan come to realize the clause isn't right to stop them and even though they didn't plan the next step they both can't live without the other. But with stories being twisted and the contract still binding can the two realize that it doesn't matter what others think and live with what they have or will the threat break them. With rules on and off the field it's hard not to want to break as many and you can and who isn't game for anything.

I instantly fell in love with Jared and Sheridan because this can happen. So many celebs could have fake marriages and than because of all the time spent together they can fall for each other. They both were drawn to each other and even without the clause they would have found a way to go on. I liked the fact that they both seemed so real and believable. I loved that even though I love football I fell in love with the game all over again. With Jared it's hard not to fall into his arms. I laughed so many times when Sheridan was thinking and she didn't think a guy like Jared cared was she so wrong. Jared was there even when he wasn't and she never had to doubt it. So if you like rule breaking and the game that comes along that you will enjoy this and wish you had a quarter back like Jared waiting for you on the field.

5/5 Stars

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