Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reasons why I shouldn't go to the library

  • Books
  • Nice looking covers
  • Those flaps get me all the time
  • I have stacks waiting to be read (from friends and self)
  • 2 weeks is never enough but i can always recheck them out

There are many reasons why I shouldn't go the library right now, including the fact the moment I walk up those stairs to the second floor of my library (which is a ten minute walk) has a lot of the latest titles (sometimes) and is very much like a bookstore. I love my library there are two in my area and I love them both its just I've realized the moment I walk into well any store/library with books I tend to grab and carry. At least at bookstores I know to put it down and wait for later, but library is a whole different situation because I tend to grab a whole lot and with 2 weeks with the books its paradise and it feels great. If your reading this and your picking me up tomorrow well don't yell okay I know what I did, no intervention necessary okay, plus my sister asked me to go get this book for her (Monster High) and I couldn't help it, my hands grabbed and they scanned my card and that was it. My brother had the weirdest look ever the moment I came back he thought I took out the whole library. (With a 25 book limit its hard to stop). It was only 7 which is my favorite number so...
Stack from Library that I got today
1.Borrowing Stack, 2-3.The books I Own, 4.Library  
My stack just got bigger after today its pretty high just looking at it. I think what gets me firstly is the name of the book, then its the cover the way it looks gets me (or anything with vamps (sexy is great if possible)), than its those inside flaps they grab my attention all the time, it calls me (esp. when I feel like the character is like me) always so enthralled with the story, and as you can see I have a lot of reading to do and this is before summer. If only there was some machine that I can put every book into my brain so that its there forever and I update all info every week. You think Steve Jobs is making the iHuman, or even like the intersect like in Chuck just one look at the cover and bam!!!!! I know everything that happens in the book. (Picks from the top.) It didn't work so I'll just read it.

comments welcomed 

are you in need of an intervention as well or have the same realization because its not a problem (yet!!!!)


  1. I tried posting this this morning, but it wouldn't let me, for some reason! So, I'm trying again!

    A ten minute walk from one floor of the library to then next??? I am trying to imagine how that is even possible!!!

    Nah, I don't think you need an intervention! I do think that your books-that-you-own pile is rather high, but, as you own them, you can get round to them at any time! That's how I see it, at least!

    Last but not least, I would like to say that you are very lucky you have libraries where you live. Where I am, we have one single library with a borrowing section that is aimed at children aged 5-12, and the books are all Greek and tatty (as they have been there since the 1980's - probably). So, I am very jealous of all of you who have the ability to borrow books you actually like from the library!

    Enough of my rant for now! Good luck with your reading! I think you'll need it, if you have to get through all of those books! If I counted them right, there must be 43 of them! (I counted them to see how many they actually are! I honestly hadn't thought there were so many, when I saw the photo.)

  2. Oh, yay!!! It worked! Sorry for the double comment... :S

  3. it takes ten minutes to walk to the library from my house its two stories and yes i know that i am very fortunate to have the library where i live


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