Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Midnight Release Experience of a Lifetime

Last night was so crazy loved went over to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore last night (almost passed out) and I was just so excited I loved just being there and meeting authors who just stopped by.
Holly Black, Elca Cloak and Cassie Claire

The party was for Cassandra Clare who writes The Mortal Instruments series and Holly Black who writes White Cat. Meeting them both felt like a dream I've been to so many author events but never one where I actually laughed throughout the whole event (lots of SC jokes) it just made being there so special in a way.
Me fangirling and crying in  presence  Kami Garcia

  Of course since I've gone to so many events I've seen lots of authors crash the party to get there stuff signed too. No joke meeting Kami Garcia again made my night even better Kami is awesome and even while I was crying she took a picture with me.

Sarah Reese Brennan and Kami Garcia 

  Also there were authors which I almost screamed the names out loud. Sarah Reese Brennan, Keirsten White and also Cindy Pon. These lovely pictures were taken by my good friends Darla Greer and Janelle Alexander.

Kiersten White Sarah Reese Brennan and Cindy Pon

I still can't believe the night I had last night it was a blast being there with friends and getting to spend just a couple of hours with the women who made reading enjoyable again. The way home was also fun as hell because we all talked about the event and repeated everything we saw. Those SC jokes were awesome except Janelle, Darla and Sandy all say I should never talk after midnight because I tend to say whatever pops in my mind.

Of course I am up to something like this again can't wait to see what event is next on the agenda. 

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