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Review: The Dating Deal by Melanie Marks

The Dating Deal
Author: Melanie Marks
Publisher: Spring Creek Book Company
Release Date: August 3rd 2005
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Come with me to the dance. Caitlin and I just broke up. I need a date, you need a date. Let’s just ... date. This isn’'t a noble gesture or anything. I don’'t do stuff like that. It'’s a deal. We'’re making a deal.” 
Seventeen-year old Megan Turner thought her hard-drive was cleared before she sold her computer in a local online auction. What she didn'’t realize is that her journal was recoverable, and that her computer was purchased by someone she knew from school. 

Suddenly Trent Ryan has a glimpse into the thoughts, feelings and testimony of “Megan the Mormon.” Upon peeking into Megan’'s heart, Trent discovers Megan has captured his. There’s only one problem. Megan only dates Mormons. Until Trent read Megan’s journal he didn’'t even know what a Mormon was. So Trent comes up with a plan——all he has to do is get Megan to agree to The Dating Deal.

My Take:

Being saved by the hottest guy in school is one thing, making a deal with said hot guy is a whole different story. Megan thought because she was a Mormon no one really noticed her, she didn't go to any parties, didn't drink and she never dates anyone who isn't Mormon. Its until Trent the hottest guy in school asks her to help him out. With the deal, she able to go to the dance which is only like days away and since he was so nice she decides to consider his proposal. What she doesn't get is he shows up to her church and even enrolls in sunday class, which he says its for his younger sister. Come on really when a hot guy does something like that, has to mean something right. What Megan has no idea is because of her getting attention from Trent, the whole school wants to know why her, especially his ex. Megan isn't anything special right? Wrong!

When Trent got a used computer he never thought in his wildest dreams that he would be able to read something that was so personal. It just happened that his computer belonged to Megan and all her files where recovered and since he had no idea until after he got to know Megan, he saw that Megan was getting hassled and he told himself just that one time say she is going with him and thats it. When he presented the deal he didn't think she would say yes and since than he finally was able to get to know her apart from her journal entries. He fell for the girl that he thought lived half way across the world never realizing that she was in his every day life.

Seeing as personal things were found, Megan didn't ever think he had her old computer and was able to read all her personal things, being mad didn't cover what she was thinking. Until she really needs him she is relentless into giving him her cold shoulder. But when  guy still attends your church its hard not to realize that he really did change into the kind of guy your parents would approve of. I really enjoyed this because even though Trent crossed a line, he had no idea until after he had fallen for a girl that was there in his life. What was kinda funny was that Megan deep down really did like Trent and even though she was all about the high road, Megan knew that Trent really did care about her and with his explanation as to why he read the entries, gave me hope that these two would patch things up. With another Melanie Marks masterpiece, I have to wonder what else she has that will have me wanting to be the girls that get the guy in the end.

5/5 Stars

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