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Review: Morning Rising by Samantha Boyette

Morning Rising 
Author: Samantha Boyette
Publisher: Samantha Boyette
Release Date: July  4th 2011
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In the ever present dusk of Inbetween, Kara Hart wakes up dirty and alone with the memory of a girl named Dylan. She remembers meeting Dylan and how her heart beat when Dylan touched her face, but nothing else. When Kara is sent to Demitar, the evil ruler of Inbetween, the truth is revealed. She is Dylan's Guardian and neither of them are who they thought they were.

Set in a darker version our own world, Morning Rising follows Kara as she tries to save Dylan from Demitar's clutches. She is given three days to find Dylan and get her out of Inbetween before she belongs to Demitar forever. Memories must be regained and powers restored if they have a chance of escaping. Each memory and sighting of Dylan helps Kara remember the love they once shared. If only she can help Dylan remember before it's too late.

My Take:

 Ever wonder why you didn't feel wanted and that the world you lived in didn't seem right to you. For Kara Hart life wasn't always a joy until that is she meet Dylan. She knew the feelings she had for the strange girl wasn't right, but love isn't always so easy. But when you wake up with no recollection of where you are and how you got there, just that you remember a girl named Dylan what was she supposed to do stand around and do nothing. Kara needed answers and with vague memories of Dylan she knew what she had to do, go to the one that took her and hope that Dylan is there safe and sound. With nothing to lose Dylan sets off into the unknown, only to find out that yes she was taken and no she couldn't have Dylan. Demitar is the one man everyone is scared of and with his influence on Dylan he can have any world he wants and since he has her already his gives Kara three days to try and get her to the Daylands, the thing is Kara didn't even know what the Daylands were and where she was which was Inbetween, with time of the essence and a ring to let her know when time runs out she must put all her faith that Dylan isn't lost to her just needs to see Kara. Because Kara knows that they must have a connection that is unbreakable.

Along her journey Kara puts her trust in two men willing to put their own lives on the line, but with a warning that she will be betrayed she must follow her gut instinct and not allow those to get too close. With her own memories coming back to her and her old memories of earth vanishing Kara knows that life isn't always what it seems it just the people willing to help you along the way. With some help the battle has just begun and the war isn't over. Kara must be the guardian she was born to be and protect Dylan at all costs.

I really loved this, the whole thing was exciting and even though both Dylan and Kara are women it didn't bother me at all love is love and with their connection it was inevitable, and plus seeing things through Kara prospective  was nice because you knew how much she was willing to sacrifice for her best friend and also how much one event can lead to another so quickly. My hope is that this isn't over and that the story just begun, because with Kara anything can happen. The loved shared by both Kara and Dylan was so beautifully written that when Dylan hurt Kara I would feel for Kara so much but knew in my heart they were it, I loved every aspect of this idea and I can't wait for more readers to enjoy what was given to us all. This was precious, and I am so glad to have been given the chance to read it.

5/5 stars because it was well worth the journey

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