Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Review: Linger by Kodilynn Calhoun

Author: Kodilynn Calhoun 
Publisher: SmashWords
Release Date: October 29th 2011
Author Website
Available for Order: Amazon|Barnes and Noble
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When a Taker takes her best friend’s soul, 16-year-old Evee refuses to let Jaeger become just another Void. She wants to help him, but she has no idea how. After an accident gives her a concussion, she starts hearing voices in her head-–well, one voice, loud, clear, and overly peppy and it belongs to Jaeger’s little sister. And Mercy has a plan to get his soul back, once and for long as they can outwit the Taker hunting them first.

My Take:

This was a quick short story, Evee has to figure out how to save her friend's life, Jaeger's soul was taken by a Taker, which is a fay type of being that takes what they want when they want. Evee only has a short window of opportunity to get his soul back from the Taker. When she gets into an accident Evee also gets a little voice inside her head and the voice belongs to Jaeger's sister Mercy, and with her help Evee knows which Taker to get too. But because of Mercy inside she is a walking beckon for the Taker to know where Evee will be. With some help from Jaeger she has to not only get his soul back but also find away to help his little sister as well. With time winding down and Jaeger getting weaker Evee will stop at nothing to help get her best friend back to her in one piece.

I liked this a lot because it was so short I wanted more but felt that it ended like a prequel. I hope the story isn't over because it was that exciting. So check it out if your interested in a quick and fact read. This will blow your mind and wish for more along the way.

5/5 stars

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