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Review: Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Retribution (Dark-Hunter #20)
Author: Sherrilyn Kenyon 
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Release Date: August 22nd 2011
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A hired gunslinger, William Jessup Brady lived his life with one foot in the grave. He believed that every life had a price. Until the day when he finally found a reason to live. In one single act of brutal betrayal, he lost everything, including his life. Brought back by a Greek goddess to be one of her Dark-Hunters, he gave his immortal soul for vengeance and swore he’d spend eternity protecting the humans he’d once considered prey.  Orphaned as a toddler, Abigail Yager was taken in by a family of vampires and raised on one belief—Dark-Hunters are the evil who prey on both their people and mankind, and they must all be destroyed. While protecting her adoptive race, she has spent her life eliminating the Dark-Hunters and training for the day when she meeting the man who killed her family: Jess Brady.A gun in the hand is worth two in the holster…Jess has been charged with finding and terminating the creature who’s assassinating Dark-Hunters. The last thing he expects to find is a human face behind the killings, but when that face bears a striking resemblance to the one who murdered him centuries ago, he knows something evil is going on. He also knows he’s not the one who killed her parents. But Abigail refuses to believe the truth and is determined to see him dead once and for all.Brought together by an angry god and chased by ancient enemies out to kill them both, they must find a way to overcome their mutual hatred or watch as one of the darkest of powers rises and kills both the races they’ve sworn to protect.

My Take:

Like any other Dark-Hunter book we got another threat which was interesting in this one. Ever imagine someone really linked to someone through all their lives, well in this one we have a cowboy, William Jessup Brody, the legend has it that he kills with pleasure, never holding back anything. Because of his actions he got himself shot in the back by his best friend because of greed, brought back for vengeance he swore to bring down the one to kill him. He now has an oath to protect humans from what goes on in the night. Abigail is hellbent o killing the one who destroyed her life, Jessup Brady. She has gained the knowledge of who this man is and has another weapon at her disposal. With 2 dark-hunter kills behind her she knows she can finally put to rest her oath to her parents and finally kill the man responsible for making her orphaned. Living alongside Apollites she knows that Dark-hunters are evil and will destroy any human it can get, she has to protect her people from any threat its just a bonus that Jessup is a Dark-hunter.

It was kinda funny seeing Abigail's reasons for wanting to kill Jess, because as a fan of the series I know what she thinks is all bull she was raised by the ones who do the killings and takings of innocents. So when she has a chance to finally kill Jess she ends up being knocked out and Jess takes her to his house. Jess couldn't believe his eyes he thought after that one night she was dead but there she was and blaming him for her parents deaths, he knew she had it wrong if only he can get through her stubbornness. I fell in love with the idea of always finding that one person who is forever linked to you. The fighting was action packed and of course the love story was beautiful.

I also loved this ending it wasn't like the others at all and it actually brought a smile to my face. I also loved the added extra at the end with Ash, he is by far the sexiest Dark-Hunter of all and Simi was also present. For any fans or first timers this was an amazing read so looking forward to the next one out in August.

5/5 stars

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