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Author Interview and Review: Any Love But Mine by Debbie Davies

Any Love But Mine
Author: Debbie Davies
Publisher: Night Publishing
Release Date: March 3rd 2012
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Available for Order: Amazon
Source: ARR

Look but don't touch has never been more true...

The gods forbade her to love, but love is a powerful force. Acacia has been created purely for Eros' pleasure but discovers within moments of being summoned into his presence that he has no interest in her whatsoever. Rejected, she is banished to Earth to serve as Eros' minion with the task of promoting the blissful state of love among all those around her, a state she must never indulge in with a human being herself on pain of immediate destruction.

And then comes Josh, someone whose power of attraction over Acacia is so intense she will find it utterly impossible to resist him. But is he human? Is he a god? Or is he a trick of the gods? And what would happen should they kiss?

My Take: 

Ever feel that sudden pull to someone and were told not to even consider it ever. For Acacia life is just one mess after another, she was made to love a god and love him forever. But when he doesn't return that love being sent to earth should be a relief right. For Acacia, being made for a god is gaining godlike powers, except the only power she gets is able to link two souls together. Its one thing to be able to match people, and not being able to experience it first hand. Not once has Acacia wanted to feel what they feel until she met Josh. He questioned everything about her, one being why she stared at him the first time their eyes met. But when Acacia is told to leave Josh alone for her own good, she has to decide stay with the one she loves or love the one who doesn't even acknowledge her presence let alone even spend time with. 

With time against, and others as well Acacia is thrown through many lopes, one being she isn't the only one made for Eros, 2 others. Amora is the type to get on your nerves no matter what, Allana is the mothery type and the first one made. She loves Eros too much and some how that love isn't enough. With the three of them before Josh came, Acacia thought she it good, a year on earth linking would be fine. Than of course time changes everything, one minute she is the arms of Josh and the next she is thrown in the underworld like she is cattle. Love just got more complicated and for Acacia the first love is always the hardest, because your all in.

While reading this I couldn't help but hope for the happy ending. With Davies writing I was their in the underworld hoping someone would find her, and every time she would link someone I would hope those links wouldn't break and hold forever. The love was evident, I felt it their and hoped like anyone else that love triumph every tough situation. Acacia has an amazing heart and shows courage beyond what is capable for anyone in that situation, but knowing that the one you love is there well nothing can stop you. So go and get your hands on this beautiful story because with courage and a loving heart anything is possible. 

5/5 stars 

I had the privilege to interview Debbie Davies, author of Any Love But Mine, this is her first novel.

Silent T's: While writing Any Love But Mine, what kind of research did you gain?

Debbie: I've always read literature on Greek Mythology so I already had a pretty thorough background from the literary world so what I did was re-read a few of my favorite mythology books just to make sure I had all the details correct that I wanted, then I watched a few documentaries and films that were either based on or inspired by Greek Mythology.

Silent T's: Why Greek Mythology?

Debbie: I love everything about it, even the bad bits! The imagery they present is beautiful and everything they do is driven by emotion. It's just a completely different world. One that is nice to escape into every once in a while.

Silent T's: From the moment Acacia sees Josh its a instant connection, Do you believe in love at first sight?

Debbie: I believe that when you see someone you know deep down whether something could happen with them. So in a way yes I do.

Silent T's: Why does love play a powerful factor, and why was Acacia willing to lose everything for it?

Debbie: Love is the most powerful emotion, I believe it rules us all. It makes us do stupid things, brave things and things we otherwise would never dream of. Love can give meaning to a life but in the same way it can take everything away which is why it is so dangerous. Acacia was willing to lose everything because she didn't really have anything to begin with. Acacia only had what she saw to be a meaningless life until Josh came along and gave it purpose.

Silent T's: If you can say one thing to Acacia what would that be, and Why?

Debbie: Stop thinking so much and start listening to her heart so she can figure out what she truly wants and go for it - oh and slap Amora!

Silent T's: What was you favorite scene to write?

Debbie: I really liked the mermaid scene, the car chase scene and pretty much all the Underworld scenes.

Silent T's: What would you rather be, in the arms of your true love or, in the arms of the one your made for?

Debbie: Arms of you true love.

So if your in the mood for a romance that is forbidden that this will help and also give you a newer perspective on what one can do for love and keep it.


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    And I agree, I'd rather be in the arms of my true love. :)


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