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Review: Snow White and the Huntsman by Lily Blake

Snow White and the Huntsman
Author: Lily Blake
Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
Release Date: June 6th 2012
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She is Destined....
Either the queen will kill her or the Huntsman will transform her into a warrior.

Ten years ago, the stunning and vengeful Queen Ravenna murdered her king the same fateful night she married him. But controlling the now desolate kingdom has begun to take its toll on the evil Queen. To keep her magic and beauty from dying, she must consume a heart that is pure. And the only one that has been under her cruel watch all along belongs to the king's daughter.

Ravenna calls for the imprisoned Snow White, but the young women escapes from the castle and seeks refuge in the Dark Forest. Because the forest is enchanted with magical flora adn deadly fauna, the Queen sends for the only man who has ventured into the woods and survived: a tortured Huntsman called Eric.

With his hope long forsaken, the Huntsman agrees to bring the girl back. But when Eric finds his prey, he hesitates. Will he kill her?

Or will he train her to become the greatest warrior the kingdom has ever know? 

In this breathtaking new vision of a legendary tale. Snow White must find her own happy ending.

My Take:

What if the fate of the kingdom rested on your shoulders, for Snow its just that. She is destined to surpass the evil that has inflicted so much hardship for the last 10 years. Queen Ravenna has kept Snow locked up since than, not really knowing Snow was the key to getting what she wanted. The only thing to prevent that was Snow herself, escaping under the hands of the queens men wasn't has easy as some might think, its not until she reaches the forest that she is left. The dark forest can make your last nightmare become real, for Snow running is her only option.

Ravenna sends the only man up to the job of getting back what is hers, Eric the huntsman is a drunk who used to venture in the forest and live to tell about it. So when the queen asks you to go you better go unless of course you don't care, unless of course she offers what was lost to Eric so long before. Eric has no idea what he just did, and for Snow the forest should be the least of her worries because the huntsman is coming for her. Its until the huntsman sees that Snow is the salvation and the one to restore the castle. A battle is underway and the queen is ready to for Snow, her men are ruthless and not even breaking a sweat, its up to Snow to bring down the queen and really bring forth her destiny to light.

Snow White is a classic story about finding what was on the inside and the courage it took to rid of the evil in the land. If you saw the movie that came out a few weeks ago, you think you know what happens but this book was different, you get inside the head of the Huntman, Snow and of course Ravenna. The battle that takes place is actually epic, I loved the way you felt inside the action. Even when you thought Ravenna would win, the hero comes forth. Eric had a nice turn around I thought it would take more for him to train Snow. To be trapped for 10 years and still find the strength to command an army that shows alot of courage and the story of Snow never felt this epic.

5/5 stars

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